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News » Highs, lows for radio over the past year

Highs, lows for radio over the past year

Highs, lows for radio over the past year
The 2008 radio year is history. Here are some of the highs and lows as I look back on the year: Best continuing stunts: "Johnson and Johnson" on KUBL, with a Valentine's Day wedding, Green Jell-O dive, pumpkin drop and many more. Best talk show: Doug Wright, KSL. Best station for syndicated talk radio: KNRS with Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura and more.

Best newscaster: Dan Bammes, KUER. Best news station: KSL. Best overall morning show: Jon Carter and Brett, "The Coach," KRSP. Best late-morning DJ: Shawn Stevens, KBEE. Best midday DJ: Dan Jessop, KBZN. Best afternoon DJ: Rob Boshard, KODJ. Best afternoon drive time show: "Freak Show," with Mick and Allen, KBER. Best morning DJ with the least talk: "Country Joe," KKAT. Best new morning show: "The Breakfast Club," KODJ. Best male voice: Bob Nelson, KSFI. Best fill-in host: Tim Hughes, KSL. Best traffic reporters: "General Gridlock" and "J.T." Best beat the odds show: Bob Lonsberry, KNRS, who started in 2000 as a S.L. morning host ? even though he lives in Rochester, N.Y. ? something few thought would work for a year, let alone almost nine years and running. Best illustrations of the power of radio: 1. KUBL's "Johnson and Johnson" getting Weber High students to send in almost 600,000 text messages for a chance to have Jessica Simpson visit the school. 2. Bob Lonsberry, who asked for more friends on his Facebook page while filling in for Glenn Beck on Christmas Eve. He gained more than a thousand "friends" in a few hours. Best Web sites: KSL and KZHT. Best use of telephone: 1. "Z-Morning Zoo," KZHT; 2. "Johnson and Johnson," KUBL. Both stations frequently take listener phone calls. Biggest milestones: The "Radio From Hell" show celebrating it 5,000th episode; Doug Wright marking 30 years on the air; the Salt Lake radio market becoming the nation's 30th largest. Biggest losses: The deaths of David B. Smith, Bob Morey and Fred R. Brown. Biggest break: Cody Allen, former program director and afternoon drive host for KEGA, being named host/executive producer of Westwood One's "CMT Radio Live With Cody Alan." Loudest, least decipherable on-air segment of the year: KENZ's "Chunga Show" airing something about a Utah Jazz -Lakers playoff game last spring. It was hard to hear what was being said over the yelling and laughing. Most innovative radio spinoff: KXRK's "Geek Show Podcast," with Kerry Jackson and others. Most daring event: KZHT's "rear of the year" contest in April. Most risque radio shows: "Bob and Tom" (syndicated) and "Love Line," both on KBER. Most entertaining DJs who play music on their show: "Johnson and Johnson," KUBL Most entertaining DJs who play no music on their show: "Radio From Hell" (Kerry, Bill and Gina), KXRK. Most surprising improvement in the Arbitron ratings: KNRS, going from a 4.9 percent share in the summer of 2007 to 5.6 percent this past summer ? its second straight year of improvement. Most surprising teamup: Veteran DJs Scott Fisher and Peggy Ijams on KOSY. Most "invisible" stations: KTKK, KSOP and others not included in the Arbitron media ratings list, since the stations don't subscribe to Arbitron's services. Most unsafe practice in radio: Radio hosts, directly or indirectly, encouraging/tolerating listeners who call in via cell phones while driving. Weirdest, most painful radio contest: KUBL's "duct tape" stunt, where morning DJ Joe Johnson was covered in duct tape and contestants pulled off strips in search of prizes. Who or what did I miss? Feel free to e-mail your comments. E-mail:

Author: Fox Sports
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Added: January 3, 2009


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